Values Retrospective template
This template gives you and your team an easy way to make sure that you put your company values into practice
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Where have we failed to put this value into practice?
How have we put this value into practice?
Is this value still relevant? Does it help us achieve our mission?
Add the value you’re discussing here
Try to use specific examples – a conversation, a meeting or a decision
Drag and drop to add content to this group
Don’t worry too much about figuring out what action you need to take at first
Be as open as you can about what you think went wrong
This is your opportunity to reflect on the value itself – if it isn’t helping, change it!
About this template

At Qualdesk, we run values retrospectives every four weeks, and this is our template.

Every 4 weeks, we spend 1 hour discussing one of our values. We talk about:

  1. How we’ve put it into practice over the last four weeks
  2. Where we’ve failed to put it into practice
  3. Whether the value itself is relevant and useful in helping us achieve our vision and mission

We then agree any follow up actions as a team.

Use the Stack in the sidebar to gather your thoughts on each of these questions for 10 minutes before discussing with the team.

Last updated 6 months ago