Good, Bad, Questions Retrospective template
This template is a simple agile retrospective method for discussing the last sprint: specifically what went well, what could have gone better and any questions the team has.
Add positive thoughts here!
Add anything negative that happened to this group!
If you have questions related to the last iteration of work, add them here!
A very simple retrospective template...
Focus on the positives and negatives as well as any questions the team has about the last sprint.
Individually brainstorm answers for each group, then share them back with the team when everyone is finished.
Try changing the title of the group to 'Actions' instead. it might help the team to be proactive about improving processes.
About this template

The exercise is divided into three brainstorms โ€“ good things, bad things and any questions from the team.

Individually brainstorm answers for each group, sharing them back all together after each group is complete or once everyone has brainstormed all three. Drag and drop stickies into each group to share with the team.

Last updated 7 months ago