SWOT analysis template
Documenting strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats is a classic early-stage strategy exercise
What do we have, or what is it about the way that we work, that make this proposal more likely to succeed than others?
Think about the time constraints you might be facing – a strength is only a strength if you can leverage it in the time you have available
Where does this proposal fall down on its own merits?
Does this proposal rely on partners or third parties to succeed? Are there other factors that make it ‘fragile’ in some way?
What is it about our operating environment or our competitor set that make this proposal particularly advantageous?
Are there things outside of our own organization that might cause this solution or strategy to fail?
About this template

SWOT analysis works best when the end goal of the project or process is clearly defined.

It’s a great way to compare different proposed solutions or strategies, by carrying out a SWOT analysis for each as a way of testing their relative strengths and weaknesses, and the opportunities and threats presented by each.

At Qualdesk, we’re a fan of rapid-fire SWOT exercises. You and your team should aim to complete this template in 30 minutes or less for each proposal.

Last updated 6 months ago