Crazy 8s template
A super-speedy way to generate ideas with your team
Add your name using the button at the top of each selected group, or edit this text...
2. Each person gets their own group! Think of it as a sheet of paper folded into 8 rectangles
3. Select and share a design brief to inspire ideas
4. Participants have a set amount of time to come up with eight different ideas
5. Write one idea on each sticky
These ideas belong to...
1. The idea of this activity is to create as diverse a set of ideas as possible
6. Use the timer tools in the sidebar to set a timer for the group
8. In this activity 8 is the magic number so there's no need to add more stickies to the group, but you can if you like!
About this template

A crazy eights ideation workshop lets you and your team create a diverse a range of ideas as possible… in the shortest time possible.

To use this template:

  • Assign each person on your team a group
  • Share a brief with your team to give them some inspiration (and maybe a constraint or two) for their ideas
  • The only rule is one idea per sticky
  • Use the timer tools in the sidebar to set a time limit for the exercise (we recommend 1 minute per idea, so 8 minutes per round)
  • Start writing!

We recommend running a couple of rounds per workshop, and because it’s so quick, that’ll mean that a team of 4 can generate 64 ideas in 30 minutes. How’s that for speed? 😎

Last updated 6 months ago