How Now Wow idea sorter template
Use the How Now Wow template immediately after an ideation workshop to prioritize the results
Everyday ideas
Cool ideas
Difficult to build
Easy to build
Ideas with huge impact that are easy to get started on
Try not to have too many ideas in here…
Tough stuff that could have an awesome impact
Ideas that need more investigation
No-brainers: quick and easy to build
About this template

The How Now Wow idea sorter allows you and your team to prioritize the outputs of an ideation or brainstorming session as quickly as possible.

The three categories of interest are:

  • How? — ideas that have plenty of potential, but are either tough to implement, or that have some unknowns. They need more thinking, or more research, before you can proceed.
  • Now — straightforward ideas that are quick and easy to build. Things you can get started on right away.
  • Wow! — ideas that not only have huge potential impact, but that are also reasonably easy to build. These should go right into the next sprint.

This isn’t meant to be a scientific exercise, but instead is a great way to filter ideas quickly as a team. Aim to spend an hour with a team of 3-4 people.

Last updated 6 months ago